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Summary of Expertise Required
The Digital Skills Consultant will work with the Indonesian Services Dialogue Council (ISD) to provide advice and assistance to the Indonesia-Australia Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement Economic Cooperation Program (Katalis) on skills gaps in the digital economy sector in Indonesia. The Digital Skills Consultant will liaise with Digital Associations, Companies, Industry Bodies, and Government Agencies in Indonesia to identify, assess and articulate their skills needs. The identified skills needs will be matched through Katalis with the training capabilities of Australian Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) who will develop and deliver courses to increase productivity, competitiveness, and innovation in Indonesia. The Digital Skills Consultant will have existing connections within the Indonesian digital economy sector to quickly identify the most appropriate stakeholders for the Katalis team to engage with. The position is open to applicants who have existing working rights in Indonesia, and women are highly encouraged to apply.

Scope of Services
Under the leadership of the ISD Executive Director, the Digital Skills Consultant will be responsible for the following:
▪ Engage relevant industry connections within the digital economy sector in Indonesia who are in need of skills.
▪ Connect identified industry connections to ISD and the Katalis team in order to match them with Australian RTOs who will deliver training.
▪ Identify skills needs, including those that can be delivered at scale, through collecting data and information so that training can be customised to upskill the Indonesian workforce.
▪ Articulate the levels and/or willingness of industry or individual businesses to contribute financially (or in kind) for the training/skills development.
▪ Proactively engage with ISD and Katalis on the demand for digital skills and the willingness of businesses to pay for such skills.
In addition to these formal responsibilities, the position will be required to comply with all ISD policies. Any offer of employment will require criminal record clearance.

The position is expected to deliver the following outputs over the term of the contract to the satisfaction of the ISD Executive Director:
Output 1: Create a detailed timeline, work plan, and draft outline of activities.
Output 2: Collect, analyse and store data and information regarding the skills needs and willingness to contribute financially (or in kind) to training from identified industry connections.
Output 3: Provide ad-hoc reports and briefs on specific skills opportunities and other duties as required by ISD and the Katalis team. These reports and briefs should present options for potential skills and training programs, based on the research and insights gained from consultations and analysis, for subsequent consultation in Australia on potential alignment.
Output 4: Produce monthly reports to be submitted to the ISD and Katalis teams.
Output 5: Submit a final report detailing the engagements undertaken and clearly defining the demand for digital skills from the Indonesian industry and the opportunities presented for international service provision to meet the demand. The report should include specific details on firms and contact points, together with recommendations on how to convert the demand into commercial opportunities.

Selection Criteria – Qualifications, Skills, and Experience

It is expected that the successful candidate will possess the following:
▪ A degree in human resource development/management, education management, digital economy, economics, business, or a related field.
▪ Minimum 5 years work experience with evidence of project management, talent acquisition, and/or training delivery experience.
▪ Proven connections with stakeholders in the digital economy sector.
▪ Detailed knowledge of Indonesia’s skills gaps, skills needs and how to address these.
▪ Strong communication and analytical skills.
▪ Demonstrated ability to work independently, and to take initiative to progress deliverables.
▪ Fluent in English and Indonesian.

Please send your application letter to the email below: